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BaiduPanoUtils Class Reference

#import <BaiduPanoUtils.h>

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Class Methods

(MECATORPOINT+ getMcWithLon:lat:
(const char *) + convertUIImageToBitmapRGBA8:
(CLLocationCoordinate2D) + baiduCoorEncryptLon:lat:coorType:
(unsigned long) + hexFromUIColor:
(float) + hexFromUIEdgeInsets:
(NSString *) + distanceMcX1:mcY1:mcX2:mcY2:

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file BaiduPanoUtils.h.

Method Documentation

§ baiduCoorEncryptLon:lat:coorType:()

+ (CLLocationCoordinate2D) baiduCoorEncryptLon: (double)  lon
lat: (double)  lat
coorType: (COOR_TYPE type 

§ convertUIImageToBitmapRGBA8:()

+ (const char *) convertUIImageToBitmapRGBA8: (UIImage *)  image

§ distanceMcX1:mcY1:mcX2:mcY2:()

+ (NSString *) distanceMcX1: (double)  x1
mcY1: (double)  y1
mcX2: (double)  x2
mcY2: (double)  y2 

§ getMcWithLon:lat:()

+ (MECATORPOINT) getMcWithLon: (double)  lon
lat: (double)  lat 

§ hexFromUIColor:()

+ (unsigned long) hexFromUIColor: (UIColor *)  color

§ hexFromUIEdgeInsets:()

+ (float) hexFromUIEdgeInsets: (UIEdgeInsets)  edgeInsets

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